7 Effective Ways To Stop Your Dog From Biting Their Leash

7 Effective Ways To Stop Your Dog From Biting Their Leash

Every dog owner has seen their dogs biting the leash and eventually destroying it. If you are a dog owner, you might already have invested in various leashes due to the previous one being destroyed by dog biting. Dogs usually have habits of chewing and biting their things and that includes leash. 

Why do dogs chew or bite their leash? 

The dogs biting their leash can be due to various reasons. Their behaviour can be predicted from their habits and actions. Similarly, when they are biting their leash, they are feeling: 

  • Anxious: Dogs when surrounded by unfamiliar places feel anxious so they tend to chew leash. 
  • Excited: Sometimes when dogs are excited to go for a walk or to park, they tug and chew the leash. 
  • Frustrated: A dog that wants to express anger or is frustrated due to some reason like wanting to walk for some more time can aggressively chew and tug the leash. 

If you are facing the same, it is important to use some tips and tricks to avoid it. There are effective ways you can implement to ensure your dog does not bite their leash. 

Here are the 7 effective ways you can stop your dog biting the leash

#1 Good quality leash over quantity: When your dogs regularly chew leashes and destroy them, dog owners switch to low-quality and cheap leashes. However, that’s not the right solution, no matter how much your dog chews the leash, avoid investing in low-quality leash. It can lead to health issues or more anger issues among dogs. The quality leash will last longer compared to cheaper ones as they will get destroyed in days. 

#2 Distract them: The moment they start chewing or tugging on leashes, try to distract them. stop your dog biting the leash instantly and distract them from their thoughts. You can give them treats to shift their focus and start their focus on playing with you. Give them their toy to play with or something else to distract them. If you are on a walk with your dog and they start tugging the leash aggressively, you can stop walking to distract them. 

#3 Don’t tug leash back: Often when dogs start tugging or biting their leash, dog owners start tugging back. However, you are unaware of their reason for tugging, so it’s important to understand the reasons rather than tugging back. If your dog is just excited and playing with a leash, by tugging the leash you are encouraging your dog to tug and chew more. They start to believe you are also playing with them, so it’s important to understand why they are tugging and chewing the leash. 

#4 Reward their behaviour: By rewarding your dog’s behaviour, you will set a pattern and encourage them to behave a certain way. So, whenever dogs listen to you and stop tugging or chewing the leash, treat them. It will give them the idea that not chewing the leash gives them treats. So, they listen to you whenever you ask them to leave the leash as it is. It is important to reward your dogs with treats for their good behaviour to set a pattern and let them understand when they are rewarded and when they are being scolded. 

#5 Start behaviour correction and pattern set early: Many dog owners do not scold or correct their dogs on wrong habits in the initial phase or when they are puppies. So, when they develop into adult dogs, it becomes difficult for them to follow your pattern and develop habits. Once they form a habit, they find it extremely difficult to change. You will find it frustrating to correct them for their behaviour and they might not listen to your scoldings. So, it’s important to teach them habits and correct them for wrong behaviour at an early stage. 

#6 Give them an alternative toy: One of the alternatives for stopping your dogs from tugging or chewing leash is alternative toys. Buy a chewable toy and give them whenever you see dogs chewing leashes. Your dog might be biting the leash due to a lack of stimulation. So, you can make sure they are simulated enough by giving them alternative toys to chew and tug before you leash them. There are chances they will stop chewing leashes once they feel they are simulated enough. 

#7 Make them feel relaxed: Dogs might be chewing or tugging leash due to anger or frustration. So, in such cases, it’s important to make them feel relaxed and stress-free. Such as, your dog is aggressively tugging and chewing the leash because they want to go for a walk or pee. So, you need to resolve that to make them feel at ease. 


These are some of the most effective ways that you can implement to stop your dog biting the leash. You need to understand their behaviour and reason for chewing, and try to resolve the root cause by opting for these methods.